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Are you ready to hear better today? Hear for Life Audiology has served the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsulas for over 15 years and Dr. Camron Meikle is a 5-star rated Audiologist. Schedule an appointment to find the best hearing devices and technology to fit your lifestyle and needs!

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5 star rating on Google
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Hearing is essential for learning, understanding and communication, regardless of age. That's why we provide the individual attention every person needs to hear their very best.

At Hear for Life Audiology, we pride ourselves on being the best hearing care provider on the peninsulas. Our team of experts has years of experience in audiology. We love to help people hear!

Our Audiology Services

Dr. Camron Meikle, a board-certified Doctor of Audiology and owner of Hear for Life Audiology, has dedicated his career to addressing the hearing health needs of his clients on Bainbridge Island and Port Ludlow. Hearing loss tends to come on so gradually for most people that friends and family are usually the first to recognize hearing loss.

Hearing Fittings

Once you have selected your hearing aids after an evaluation, your audiologist will program them, based on a prescription, to meet your hearing needs. The hearing professional will explain how to use the devices, how to put them in the ear and how to remove them, how to change batteries and how to care for and clean the devices.

Hearing Tests

If you or your child has been referred for a diagnostic audiologic evaluation, it means that hearing loss needs to be ruled out or further examined. Luckily, hearing tests are quick, non-invasive and very important to your overall health - here is what to expect from a hearing test with us. 

Hearing Aid Repair

If you are a current patient and have hearing aids that were not fit in our office, we are happy to repair your hearing aids. We also service all major manufacturers of hearing aids. Hearing aids come with a warranty when purchased new that will cover an out of office repair by the manufacturer.

Earwax Removal

If you experience pain or discomfort as a result of earwax, or suspect you have a blockage, it's important that you see your audiologist as soon as possible to address the issue. Removing earwax doesn't have to be painful and should bring you relief.

Veterans Care

Hear for Life Audiology is a community provider within the Veterans’ Community Care Program. Though this program, which is paid for by the Department of Veterans Affairs, veterans can receive care from our practice.

Cochlear Implants

Cochlear implants are surgically implanted medical devices that treat hearing loss and may be an option for someone with severe or profound hearing loss. Our Audiologist can test, diagnose, and recommend implants.

Hearing loss affects the whole family structure. A lot of times the individual thinks it’s just their problem; they don’t realize how a breakdown in communication affects everybody around them.

- Camron Meikle, Audiologist
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"This is a wonderful audiology office.  It is warm and professional and friendly.  I have used this office for the past 14 years and I am grateful for their expertise and personal concern."

- Mary

"The experience at Bainbridge Island Hear for Life Audiology is excellent from the moment you go through the door until you leave. Every question is answered in detail, kindly and slowly and clearly. It is a pleasure to see Dr. Cam and Sarah."

- Evellyn

"After multiple suggestions, it was time for a hearing test. After reviewing the many positive reviews, I made an appointment and was pleased with the testing process and the client service from the start. I now have a set of Widex hearing aids which, after trying them for a period of time and getting much positive input, I purchased. I was appreciative of the professionalism and flexibility of both Dr. Cam and Sarah and would highly recommend them"

- Ray

"Very thorough exam by Dr. Cameron; nice atmosphere; he was happy to tell me I DON'T need a hearing aid."

- Ken
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With two full-service locations, Hear for Life Audiology is the only private-practice Audiology center on Bainbridge Island and in Port Ludlow.  We look forward to helping you stay on the road to healthier hearing. We guarantee you won’t regret it!

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