Phonak Lumity

Available in Bainbridge Island & Port Ludlow, WA

A hearing aid can provide the latest bells and whistles, but at the end of the day, speech understanding remains the most requested benefit. That’s why the Phonak Lumity was specifically designed to make speech clearer and easier to understand.

Audeo Lumity is now the only hearing aid from Phonak that uses AutoSense 5.0. This operating system was trained with machine learning to learn how to identify sound environments, so wherever you go Phonak hearing aids are using the smartest technology to optimize your hearing experience. 

StereoZoom 2.0 is Phonak's directional microphone technology designed to focus the microphones of the hearing aids towards whatever is most important to you at that moment. How does it achieve this? The result is a 16% better speech understanding compared to fixed directional settings in previous versions of StereoZoom. 

SpeechSensor is designed to provide 360-degree speech detection by monitoring your surroundings for speech and allowing you to hear it better from the back and the sides. It is an automatic feature that detects the main speech source and adjusts the aid's microphone modes to ensure that you have more access to speech from around you. SpeechSensor provides an average of 15% better speech understanding from the side and behind.


  • AutoSense OS 5.0 analyzes the sounds around you every 0.4 seconds and adjusts over 200 distinct settings to precisely match your exact sound environment. 
  • Uses StereoZoom 2.0,  Phonak’s directional microphone technology
  • Phonak SpeechSensor allows for 360 Degree hearing, with a 15% improvement in speech understanding of those behind you. 
  • Connect to up to eight iOS and Android devices via bluetooth, with two simultaneous connections.
  • The waterproof option is capable of being submerged in up to 1.5 feet of fresh, pool or salt water.
  • Rechargeable versions boost 16 hours of power on one charge - charge for just 15 minutes for an additional three hours of battery life.

Phonak Lumity helps deliver the quality of sound that you and your family deserve. Call us today to set up an appointment!

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Visits to Hear for Life are always like spending time with friends and family!  We look forward to visiting, and services are always efficient and helpful.  I would highly recommend this audiology clinic.

This is a wonderful audiology office.  It is warm and professional and friendly.  I have used this office for the past 14 years and I am grateful for their expertise and personal concern.

The experience at Hear for Life is excellent from the moment you enter until you leave. Every question is answered in detail, kindly, slowly & clearly. It's a pleasure to see Dr. Cam & Sarah.

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